Grocery Project at Art-A-Whirl

A work-in-progress of the Grocery project is showing at Art-A-Whirl May 14-16.

Artist on the Verge exhibit: works-in-progress at Art-A-Whirl


The installation will display a prototype of a system to trace the origins of grocery purchases at the point-of-sale.


New Media project in-progress at Art-A-Whirl

Grocery tracking project-in-progress installation

Close up of interface design for grocery project

Tracing a lunchtime grocery store purhase

In Development: And in-store tracking system that will map a customer’s produce, meat and dairy purchases. An accompanying online portal will allow deeper browsing into the background of the product’s origin.

The Eco-Savings of File Transfer

An Earth Day Campaign by online service calculates the savings of using digital file sharing vs. printing, burning CDs and shipping.

Though a bit of a stretch to calculate environmental impacts in this fashion, it’s always good to see dynamically-calculated details on your own impacts (and those of all users of a service).

Yousendit earthday campaign calculations

Earth Day Campaign

campaign to calculate sustainablity savings